CHEW's John Layman Returns with 'Butterfly Effect Noir' Series

The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time #1
Credit: Karl Mostert/Dee Cunniffe (AfterShock Comics)
Credit: Karl Mostert/Dee Cunniffe (AfterShock Comics)

Chew writer/co-creator John Layman returns to AfterSchock Comics for a new creator-owned series titled The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time. Working with artist Karl Mostert, Layman brings his Chew-istic take on a subject - this time, time travel.

"The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time started off as a funny, goofy idea that hit me when I was brainstorming time travel ideas," Layman said in a statement. "First off, the title made me laugh, which is always a good thing, and from there it expanded to an exercise to try to take the notion of butterfly effect to the crazy, most absurd situations possible. One small change to the space-time continuum, and a million crazy repercussions as a result."

Layman previously worked with AfterShock on Eleanor & the Egret, but the writer would argue this is even more absurd than that.

"The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time is also a mystery. I’m calling it a 'Butterfly Effect noir,' because, even amid all the absurdity of fixing a crazy, f#%&ed-up space-time continuum, Sean Bennet also has to get to the bottom of things," Layman said. "If it wasn’t his time-traveling actions that screwed everything up, whose was it? Whodunit? And why?"

Here is the solicitation for the first issue, which is due out February 5.

Credit: Larry Stroman (AfterShock Comics)

The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time #1/ $4.99/ 32 pages / Color
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Karl Mostert
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterer: John Layman
Cover: Karl Mostert w/ Dee Cunniffe
1:15 Incentive Cover: Larry Stroman
Sean Bennett is just your everyday, ordinary lab worker in a high-tech lab with a proto-type time machine. And, yeah, he's got the same temptations any of us would have about going back in time, just a bit, to correct mistakes of the past and right old wrongs. So, when he meets a version of himself from the future who encourages him to do just that, Sean takes the temporal plunge. Only...can you guess what happens next? Did you read the book title? Yup. All of TIME is f#%&ed up now, and it's up to Sean to cor-rect it-or else!
Presenting a time-twisted sci-fi action-comedy, a butterfly effect noir, by multiple Eis-ner-winning writer John Layman (Chew, ELEANOR & THE EGRET) and talented new-comer Karl Mostert. Order it today...before time runs out!

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