YOUNG JUSTICE Villain Coming to CW's SUPERGIRL - Report

Rip Roar
Rip Roar
Credit: Todd Nauck (DC)

Nick Sagar has been cast a the villain Rip Roar for the fifth season of CW's Supergirl, according to TVLine. Sagar will reportedly debut in this Sunday's episode, "Dangerous Liaisons."

Sagar himself confirmed a role on Supergirl, but didn't confirm who he'd be playing:

TVLine describes Rip Road as "a multi-armed, technologically enhanced villain who goes toe to toe with [Kara]."

In comic books, Rip Roar was born on Apokolips but was accidentally transported to Earth. He was discovered by Young Justice, and later defeated by the teen heroes. Rip Roar was created by Peter David and Todd Nauck, and debuted in 1989's Young Justice #2.

Sagar is best known for his role as Victor Aldertree in Freeform's Shadowhunters.

Supergirl airs Sundays on the CW.

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