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Credit: Valiant Entertainment
Credit: Valiant Entertainment

The Flash may be billed as "the fastest man alive," but Flash Forward artist Brett Booth is giving him a run for his money as he draws that DC monthly book and Valiant's defacto flagship title Bloodshot, also monthly.

Bloodshot #2 hit stands this week (with #3 due out November 20), just as the franchise makes a bid to enter the mainstream thanks to the upcoming Vin Diesel-led Bloodshot movie. Valiant Entertainment aims for Booth and writer Tim Seeley's current Bloodshot arc to be the book people who become aware of the character (thanks to Diesel) check out next to learn more.

Two monthly books, a movie on the way... no pressure for Booth, right?

The 26-year comic book veteran spoke with Newsarama about Bloodshot, ranging from introducing new villains  and finding his groove on a completely new character, to the workload of doing this and Flash Forward.

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Newsarama: Brett,  your second issue of Bloodshot is out this week. Do you feel you've hit your groove now that you've drawn 40-50 pages?

Brett Booth: Kind of? Tim has each issue in different places with new characters all the time so Bloodshot is the only character that I would say I have down and can draw him from memory.

A few of the others are close; attitudes are down but costumes are a bit complicated for the Black Bar and I have to go back and reference them. Getting old! [Laughs]

Nrama: What are you excited about going forward?

Booth: #5 is really fun, fun new backgrounds that I can noodle a bit. Interesting setting to say the least! I’m curious to see how Tim wraps it all up. I haven’t seen #6's script yet and I’m just about done with #5 now.... it just keeps getting crazier!

Nrama: In this week's issue you're starting to reveal who Eidolon is. The book just came out so I don't want to spoil it... but how'd you go about designing her?

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Booth: Well I did a basic Black Bar soldier design and modified that a bit to fit with Tim’s description, he wanted some future soldier tech on them, so I googled that, found some military exoskeleton pics and thinned them down and teched them up. I’m trying to keep the gear grounded in reality some.

Nrama: Bloodshot is coming out concurrently with your DC limited series Flash Forward, and the artwork is dramatically different with different inkers and colorists. At Valiant, you're working with inker Adelso Corona and your frequent colorist Andrew Dalhouse. How much input do you have in inkers and colorists?

Booth: Indeed! Flash Forward was sort of a rush, art team wise. I was asked about it mid May I think. Got the script three weeks later... So the schedule is tight, DC basically decided on the team. They are doing awesome, even under the tight deadlines.

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Valiant let me pick, so I picked the team I’m using for my creator-owned project. They are rocking it!

Nrama: So here with Adelso and Andrew, its a much darker take on things - and the coloring really helps emphasize Bloodshot's seemingly inhuman abilities. What do you think about what they're bringing to your work?

Booth: Adelso is adding energy to the pencils which is not something everyone can do. Generally each step from layout to inks tightens the image up, especially if multiple people are involved. Adelso breaks that mold and just pushes the pencils even moreso; there’s even more power to them. He also adds a bit of grit that I think works well with this type of book.

Nrama: And Andrew?

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Booth: He’s been really pushing himself on this, adding in lighting and FX that just make it all pop even more. He manages to pull off this chalky look on Bloodshot that I love, it just jumps off the page!

I might ask for a small change here and there, usually because it’s a new design or something, but generally I just let them go. I know the work will be great so I can just focus on my part. I’ve been so lucky to find great collaborators!

Nrama: We're talking after the release of the first Bloodshot movie trailer. What are your thoughts on it?

Booth: I wasn’t sure what to expect but it look like a sci-fi/action flick. I love those kind of movies so I’m in!

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