Updated: WONDER WOMAN #83 Pushed Back 3 Weeks

Wonder Woman #83
Credit: Viktor Kalvachev (DC)
Credit: Jenny Frison (DC)

DC has informed retailers that Wonder Woman #83 has been pushed back three weeks to a new December 18 release date.

Here is the updated solicitation for Wonder Woman #83:

Credit: Viktor Kalvachev (DC)

written by STEVE ORLANDO
variant cover by JENNY FRISON
On the cusp of a new beginning, Wonder Woman must forge a fast alliance with a wild Amazon warrior from her past to halt The Cheetah’s malicious massacre! But long brewing tension turns Diana’s sister against her, giving the Cheetah her opening to place yet another God to the blade of her God Killer Sword. The kicker? The Cheetah thinks she’s helping Wonder Woman!
ON SALE 12.18.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

[Editor's note: An earlier version of this story reported that Wonder Woman #84 would go on sale December 11, based on a Diamond Comics Distributor's solicitation listing of that issue. However, upon further review, the solicitation appears erroneuous. DC has not solicited a Wonder Woman #84 either in DC's section of Diamond's print Previews catalog or the solicitations the publisher releases to the online press.

As previously announced , series writer Steve Orlando confirmed in a tweet Thursday that January's Wonder Woman #750 (acting as the 84th issue of the title) will be the next issue of the series after #83.

Newsarama apologizes for the error.]

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