DC UNIVERSE Tells Subscribers HBO MAX is Friend Not Foe

DC Universe
Credit: DC Universe

With the announcement of DC-based shows Green Lantern, DC Super Hero High, and Strange Adventures on the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, subscribers to the DC Universe service may be wondering about the service's future. Now, DC Universe has released a statement reiterating the content they plan to bring through 2020, and assuring fans they're sticking around for the time being.

Here's the statement in full:

"Our WarnerMedia partners made some exciting news today, and we’re psyched! We also want to assure you that DC Universe is still going strong with an exciting year of super-fan service coming through this year and next. From our original programming, library of beloved series, ever-expanding comic library, real world events, and our just launched all-new Community, we’re just getting started.

"As a quick reminder of the latest news we announced at New York Comic Con, you can look forward to:

 - DCYOU: Unscripted – our invitation to fans to develop a show that might premiere on DC Universe next year

 - Bizarro TV – our animated anthology

"and – of course – the can’t-come-soon-enough premiere of…

 - Harley Quinn Animated, along with

 - Doom Patrol Season 2!

"...as well as other exciting stuff we just can’t talk about yet.

"We’ll continue to be here for our fans, and use our amazing Community to share upcoming exciting news … so stay tuned!"

Doom Patrol, which debuted on DC Universe as an exclusive to the service, will become a shared exclusive between the two Warner Bros.-owned services once HBO Max launches in May 2020. HBO Max is also expected to have several live-action DC films including the recent Joker film.

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