The Big Secret Behind KATE PRYDE's Mission - MARAUDERS #1 SPOILERS

Marauders #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

“Dawn of X” sails onto the high seas around Krakoa with Marauders #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artists Matteo Lolli and Federico Blee, the second launch of the new X-Men line.

And with the new mutant status quo come big questions for Kitty - or rather, Kate - Pryde and her merry band of mutant privateers.

Spoilers ahead for Marauders #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marauders #1 kicks off with Kitty Pryde experiencing a strange revelation - though she can join her fellow mutants on Krakoa, she’s unable to pass through its gates. Though the reasons are unclear, it’s somewhat implied that she’s done something to anger Krakoa.

Despite this, Kitty manages to navigate a ship to the island – prompting Emma Frost and her Hellfire Trading Company to offer Kitty, who has decided to start going by Kate, her own ship to travel to remote locations and rescue mutants who can’t make it to Krakoa on their own - while also smuggling and supplying the lifesaving drugs the X-Men provide to humans.

But Captain Kate’s mission as the Hellfire Trading Company gets underway before she can ever make a decision, with Iceman discovering a Krakoan gate in Russia that’s cordoned off by anti-mutant military forces. Rallying her crew to the rescue, Kate Pryde liberates the mutants and returns to Krakoa.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, around the world Bishop and others investigate reports that mutants who have passed through the Krakoan gates have disappeared, never returning home and losing contact with their families.

With one group of mutants now liberated, Kate and the newly christened “Marauders” (a name Storm professes to dislike) decide to remain as Krakoa’s secret naval force, guarding the waters around the island and bringing mutants to its safely to its shores.

The adventure continues in November 20’s Marauders #2.

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