"Machine Gun Wizards #4" preview

With the third issue of Christian Ward and Sami Kivel's series out this week, look ahead and check out a preview for November 20's finale, Machine Gun Wizards #4.

Machine Gun Wizards #4 (of 4)
Christian Ward (W/Cover), Sami Kivelä (A), Dee Cunnife (C), and Gabriel Walta (Variant Cover)
On sale Nov 20
FC, 32 pages
The dark forces behind Al Capone’s illegal magic operation come out in full force, and Elliot Ness and his team must battle through an army of mobsters, wizards, and ancient powers that threaten more than just Chicago’s lowlifes.
A new genre-bending comic series from Christian Ward, artist of the acclaimed sci-fi epic ODY-C. Drawn by Sami Kivelä (Abbott), with backup stories written and drawn by Christian Ward.

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