AMERICAN VAMPIRE's 2020 Return an 'All Out Monster Fight Finale'

American Vampire
Credit: Rafael Albuquerque (DC/Vertigo)
Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder
Credit: Kat Calamia (Newsarama)

Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque are reuniting in 2020 for one more volume of American Vampire - one that Snyder said will be the series' finale. As-yet-untitled, this volume is anticipated to launch in spring/summer 2020 at its new home at DC Black Label.

"It's going to be the equivalent of about seven to eight issues and it takes place in 1976," Snyder said. "It's got biggest Evel Knievel style stuff and it's also got like all the paranoia of the political intrigue of the 70s, so cold war stuff."

That's not all though, as the finale will also jump to modern times.

"And it brings us up to the present, actually," added Snyder. "So it's like our giant epic kind of over the top monsters all out, all monsters fight finale."

After a decade udner DC's Vertigo imprint, this new American Vampire will be the first to segue over to the DC imprint/age-label Black Label, but Snyder tells Newsarama that it's less change that most readers might think.

Credit: Rafael Albuquerque/Jim Lee (DC/Vertigo)

"It’s where it always was. It’s very sad to see Vertigo close as a label," Snyder said, "But for me it's a lot of semantics in the way that the people that I worked with at Vertigo, like Mark Doyle, are still there and actually running bigger segments of DC right now."

American Vampire was Snyder's first work for DC, and the writer says of all he's worked on it's what he most feels at home with so this return and finale is a celebration for him.

"I hate to say it because I love all of my series that I work on, but it is kind of like home," Snyder said. "It was my first one and it is like the tree house I go back to and be like, 'Oh, this is my favorite thing.' So, we'd never let it go without really sort of putting a good bow on it."

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