Korean Blockbuster A WEREWOLF BOY Coming to Comics

A Werewolf Boy
Credit: CJ ENM
Credit: CJ ENM

The South Korean blockbuster film A Werewolf Boy is coming to comics thanks to Tapas Media. The webcomics giant has partnered with the Korean film company CJ ENM to adapt the hit 2012 fantasy romance in a series of 25 to 30 chapters.

"This agreement is a great opportunity to bring Korean Drama fans to the Tapas platform by creating existing popular stories into a webcomic format while furthering Tapas Media’s mission to obtain high quality intellectual properties," said Tapas Media CEO Chang Kim.

A Werewolf Boy follows a teenage girl who befriends a feral boy while staying in a country home to rehabilitate from a medical condition. She discovers that the boy is more than just a runaway, but is a werewolf persecuted for being misunderstood by people in the area.

"This project with Tapas is the first attempt to adapt a movie IP in webcomics format in the US, and it is a great opportunity to test CJ ENM's IP globally in various formats," said CJ ENM's Content R&D Team Manager Aram Choi. "We are excited to be able to collaborate with Tapas Media, the partner who understands its market for young generation and their content taste."

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