MIKE MIGNOLA Launches FOREVER HOUSE Live Action Anthology Series

Mike Mignola
Mike Mignola
Credit: Superfan Promotions LLC

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has teamed with Starburns Industries to create The Forever House, a live action anthology series based on tales from folklore around the world, as announced via Deadline.

The series is aimed to echo the feeling of classic horror and sci-fi anthologies such as The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, but with a unique aesthetic designed by Industrial Light & Magic designed to “re-capture the aura of classic Hollywood-style filmmaking through an updated modern lens.”

“What started as a simple conversation with Ben over coffee is threatening to turn into a dream project,” Mignola said in a statement. “And Starburns — how often do you get to partner with guys who not only understand your ideas but have the vision and skills to take it far beyond anything you could have imagined and make it a reality?”

“Growing up as a devout comic book geek, my brother and I rabidly collected every edition of Mike’s work,” added Starburns' Ben Berkowitz. “While the Forever House’s twisted, sensational universe is the start of something profound for comic book fandom, this show is, ultimately, about creating a surreal sense of wonder for the kid in me who first fell in love with the Mignola-verse.”

“Fantastical as they are, myths are the ultimate real human story — immutable in their meaning, resonating with generation after generation, for millennia," he continued. "Partnering with the visionaries of Starburns Industries to place a cutting-edge lens on timeless tales is our dream, and hopefully, someone’s nightmare.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring Mike Mignola’s wonderfully twisted imagination to life," said Starburns' James Fino. "His funny, strange, sad, and beautiful creations are the kind of things we dream about making a reality. The world he is crafting for this project is one we can’t wait to explore together.”

Here's the official synopsis for the series: “Existing somewhere between reality and nightmares, The Forever House will encapsulate the feeling of an ancient tale told by the fire as we explore the disturbing and the macabre from the mind and sketchbook of Mike Mignola.”

The show will incorporate some of the same actors playing different roles in different stories across multiple episodes, though no cast members were announced.

No projected release date or outlet for The Forever House was announced.

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