SARAH BEATTIE Zooms into Comics for Sex-Positive Sci-Fi MONEY SHOT [Mature Warning]

Sarah Beattie
Sarah Beattie
Credit: Sarah Beattie
Credit: Rebekah Isaacs/Michael Russell/Crank (Vault Comics)

Space exploration has been a dream for mankind for centuries, but here now when we can travel in space - the only thing holding us up from doing more of it is money.

Tim Seeley has found a possible answer to that - porn - and is bringing in a secret weapon of sorts to tell that story: comedian/actor Sarah Beattie.

Beattie has become a phenonemon in comedy for raunchy and ribald humor. She's written for TV including Saturday Night Live, but she's best-known on Twitter with over 440,000 followers tuning in for her witty barbs.

While she's read comics and been friends with comic creators like Seeley for years, Beattie hadn't really considered writing comics until recently.

"It honestly never really crossed my mind since I've been working in TV mainly," Beattie told Newsarama. "I was a credited writer on a couple seasons of Frankie Boyle's New World Order and used to waay back in the day be a contributor on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update (not a staff writer, Hannity, get your facts straight you dumbass), but yeah this is actually incredibly fun. I encourage everyone to have a cool talented established comic writer friend who will include you in their awesome projects."

Credit: Rebekah Isaacs/Michael Russell/Crank (Vault Comics)

Seeley pitched Beattie on co-writing "this %&$#@ in Space idea," and the comedian quickly jumped on-board and found comics "ridiculously fun" - especially working with Rebekah Isaacs.

"Rebekah is an amazing artist by the way, we'll be like 'ok this guy has giant %&$#@' and she will draw giant %&$#@," Beattie said with her well-known racy candor. "We don't deserve her."

For fans of Beattie, Money Shot is right up her alley - space exploration funded by porn. It's a mix of sex and science fiction, but moreso on the sex.

Credit: Rebekah Isaacs/Michael Russell/Crank (Vault Comics)

"Look, we gotta play to our strengths," Beattie said about the balance. "If Tim ever tries to even it out I'll probably be right there going 'Hey, throw some %&$# in there!' I think I'm at a point where I could come up with 100 different porn titles or sex positions in a few minutes. Hopefully these valuable skills will prove useful to me in the future."

Sexual without being lewd, Money Shot is a sex-positive approach to science fiction - and that's important for Beattie.

"Sex is great and fun and fun and great, it shouldn't be treated as something negative, especially when it comes to females," she said. "We're allowed to be horny motherf%&kers too and it's a message I strongly believe in. It's a family book, really."

Once you've read Money Shot #1, you can see how Beattie would fit in as a character in this space voyage. If she were actually on-board, she said she'd ruin their whole business.

"I would probably be too busy grabbing %&$#@$% and juggling %&$#@@ to care, and we'd lose our ratings and all fail miserably," Beattie said. "Then the galaxy would explode or something. Everyone would die."

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