Here's Where You Can Get a Russian $5k Marvel iPhone

Caviar Marvel IPhones
Credit: Caviar

Russian luxury phone company Caviar is meeting the market needs for ostentatious Marvel Comics fans. 

Known for creating "Superior Collection" iPhones that retail for $5k to over $33k, Caviar has gone superhero... 

Avengers, specifically.

The brand, whose phones feature luxury adornments like real bits of fabric from one of Steve Jobs' famous black turtlenecks, the trunks worn by Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier during their famous heavyweight fights, and suits worn by the Beatles, is currently offering titanium Iron ManCaptain America, Hulk and Thor-themed iPhones XS and XS Max's that start at $4,930 in U.S. dollars. And even if you can't swing the cash that will make you the envy of the Comic-Con floor, Cavalier's Russian-to-English descriptions of the phones alone are worth checking out. The company logically seems to have a special affinity for its Iron Man phone.

Credit: Caviar

"The helmet of Iron Man cannot appear on the body of iPhone XS just by accident. If you have such a smartphone in your hands, it means that the force of one of the main superheroes of all times – Iron Man – is with you," reads Caviar's website.

"The stylish and modernly elegant design in the tandem of black composite onyx and titanium looks confidently and expressively.

"You should remember that the rich, creative and eccentric heir of millions, Tony Stark got a chest wound, after which he started to develop a unique exoskeleton equipped with a powerful weapon and impenetrable like the most perfect armor and then turned into Iron Man? We thought that you’d need some of his superpower enclosed in the design of the unique iPhone XS dedicated to the release of the final part of the Avengers story.

"By the way, do you know that Tony Stark is one of the richest fictional characters? He belongs to the self-named Forbes rating and takes the 4th place in it; his wealth estimated at $12.4 billion dollars."

Here's a look at the other Marvel phones, along with portions of Caviar's descriptions.

Credit: Caviar

"The titanium iPhone dedicated to Captain America looks like an indestructible shield of proto-adamantium, which your favorite superhero is equipped with. The laconic interpretation of the shield image is included in the device design not by accident. An exemplary soldier, Captain America is always ready to come and help and protect the high ideals and those who are in trouble."

Credit: Caviar

"Despite the fact that Hulk gets into a rage in a flash and his burning anger turns into a colossal force, he also possesses an unsurpassed intellect! He has a doctor degree in nuclear physics and is gifted with a mathematical vision of the world which allows him not to do harm to people in spite of everything.

"Caviar iPhone dedicated to Hulk is a thing that will always remind you of the legendary story and your favorite superhero on guard of the good and justice!"

Credit: Caviar

"Perhaps, nobody in the Marvel universe is gifted with such a number of superabilities like Almighty Thor! He flies in the air, calls the lightning, has an incredible force, reaction, dexterity, but besides that, he hears every pray addressed to him, sees dozens of light years ahead and has a gift to resist illusions! If only we could have at least a small part of his abilities!

"No sooner said than done! With iPhone XS by Caviar we can be sure that the smartphone is protected with a reliable armor and its appearance displays a legendary superhero. In honor of the release of the last part of 'Infinity' and in honor of our love to this cool hero, we introduce this smartphone and wish that it becomes the Mjöllnir in your hands."

Somewhat ironically, Cavier doesn’t seem to offer a phone inspired by Russia’s own Black Widow.

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