HICKMAN Reveals Solo MOIRA X Title That Will Dance 'Between the Raindrops' of X-MEN Continuity

House of X #2
Credit: Pepe Larraz (Marvel Comics)

A solo Moira McTaggert/Moira X title will be launched as part of Jonathan Hickman's expansive X-Men plans. The X-Men showrunner revealed it during a fan Q&A session on Adventures In Poor Taste, in response to questions about unresolved aspects of Moira X's timeline as first introduced in House of X #2.

"So, yes, there was going to be a 1000-year timeline in the back of Powers of X #6 explaining all the cool things that happened in that life," Hickman said. "The reason why this changed in production is because there was a writer we had hoped to get to do our eventual Moira book (that works as a kind of ‘dancing between the raindrops’ of X-Continuity story), and they agreed to do it long before we were expecting them to commit. Which was great news.

Credit: Jonathan Hickman (Marvel Comics)


"Then I basically told them what I was planning to do and asked if they wanted me to not put the timeline in the book (which would lock a lot of plot/story stuff in), and after talking about it, we decided not to stick it in there," Hickman continued.

One of the cut bits from Hickman's original plans for 1000-year timeline involved Cylobel, Nimrod, and the black brain telepaths.

X-Men Group Editor Jordan D. White has previoualy revealed that writers Vita Ayala and Leah Williams are working on unspecified X-Men related projects as part of Hickman's X-Men titles.

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