Kevin Smith's GREEN HORNET Teaser: 3 Will Live, 1 Will Die

Dynamite passed over this teaser, a look at one of their pages in next month's PREVIEWS magazine, the retailer and consumer ordering resource from Diamond Distribution.

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet  series will be in its third issue that month, but apparently the cover reveals something major- a death in the Green Hornet family. It's Green Hornet, Kato, Mulan (this female in a Kato costume), and the Black Hornet as candidates, but Dynamite won't give any more hints. The cover to issue #4, shown instead of #3, appears to have Green Hornet and Mulan walking side-by-side, which may imply Kato is the one to bite the dust. However, that could also be Kato stepping up into his mentor's alter-ego, a common superhero trope. Either way, we'll find out this May.

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