DC Put LEGION FLIGHT RINGS On Sale for Retailers - With Special Platinum Chase Variant

Legion Flight Ring
Credit: Ryan Sook (DC)
Credit: DC

Following their debut at New York Comic Con, DC's new Legion of Super-Heroes flight rings are now available for retailers to order. In addition to the classic gold-colored rings (which DC has produced before), they are also offering platinum-colored rings as ratioed variants.

These new Legion flight rings can be ordered by retailers at $25 per 50-count bag. Comic stores also get a free bag with every 200 copies of Legion of Super-Heroes #1 ordered.

The platinum-colored Legion Flight Rings have not been made available for individual purchase; instead, retailers receive one platinum-colored ring for every 100 copies of Legion of Super-Heroes #1 they order.

Credit: DC

While not many stores could be expected to sell-through 100 copies of Legion of Super-Heroes #1, the publisher is offering returnability on the issue if retailers order 125% of what they ordered of February 20's Batman #65 (the main cover only). That would be a relatively high bar, as Batman #65 was the third-highest selling comic book of February 2019 to the North American direct market, selling an estimated 89,123 copies according to ComicChron.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 is due out November 6.

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