POWERS OF X #6 Reveals the Dark Secret Behind DAWN OF X - Spoilers

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Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Powers of X #6 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artists R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and David Curiel, concludes the lead-up to the upcoming “Dawn of X” line wide X-Men relaunch and puts the final pieces in place for the team’s new status quo.

Powers of X #6 also shows just how the Professor Xavier we knew before became the man he is now – and hints at a dark secret for Moira X.

Spoilers ahead for Powers of X #6.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Powers of X #6 opens with a flashback to the first meeting of Xavier and Moira – the same scene we’ve watched play out a couple times now. It then whip-turns to the post-human future we’ve seen previously, on the eve of the Phalanx subsuming the Earth. As the post-human figure we’ve watched throughout PoX readies the plan, Moira and Wolverine – still alive after thousands of years, surviving on each others’ blood – stalk the scene, promising to put a stop to what’s to come.

But the post-human Elder tells them it’s inevitable – they’ll be absorbed into the Phalanx and die. All except the two of them, who will instead be imprisoned to live forever, so that Moira X’s knowledge of how humanity overtook mutantkind by using science to make mutants and mutant powers obsolete can never be used against them in her resurrection.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

But they’ve underestimated Wolverine, who simply slays Moira on the spot – revealing that this apocalyptic Phalanx timeline is indeed the sixth life of Moira X, and setting the stage for Moira to convince Charles Xavier to follow her plan for mutantkind.

There’s more to it, however. It seems that the suspicions some readers have had about Charles Xavier’s odd behavior may be somewhat accurate. Given that Moira has resurrected 9 times, it seems this specific Xavier isn’t the exact Xavier readers have always known. In this case, he’s been radicalized – and at least a bit manipulated and lied to, as revealed in the backmatter – by Moira.

With the Krakoan Quiet Council determined in the preceding House of X #6, Xavier and Magneto venture into Moira’s secret No-Space in Krakoa, discussing what may come if mutantkind learns “the truth” about Moira, what she knows, and, it’s implied, what the three of them will do to stop the futures she has seen – including breaking a promise to Mystique to resurrect Destiny, who can sense Moira’s presence and use her precognitive abilities to see what Moira plans.

With this dark secret now guiding their mission, Moira, Xavier, and Magneto resolve to celebrate what they have built for mutantkind on Krakoa – and kill or die to defend it.

We’ll see how that starts to play out in October 16’s X-Men #1.

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