LOST: One Columnist's Mind S6E3 What Kate Does

Welcome back, all.  Last week we tried out a new format that seemed to get some good response, so we’re going to stick with the “Five Answers, Five Questions” for a bit.  And frankly, I think that we got enough of both in this week’s epsisode.

Five Answers

Sayid is not a zombie.  This one’s more of a gag than anything.  Jeff “Doc” Jensen of EW once quoted the joking Lindelof and Cuse team as suggesting that there would be a “zombie season” of “Lost”.  Putting aside the obvious fun of that for a moment, the extended joke was that it would be “season seven”; this was, of course, after it had been settled that season six would be the last.  Knowledge of this made it even funnier when Hurley asked a seemingly recovered Sayid, “Dude, are you a zombie?”  Sayid’s deadpan response, “No, I am not a zombie,” was perfect.  In fact, all of the above underscores one of the underrated  aspects of “Lost”: it’s frequently funny.  Of course, Hurley often gets laughs, and there’s been plenty of mordant Ben Linus humor over time, the show does know how to make with the funny to take the edge off, whether it’s Locke’s dry observations or Sawyer’s nicknames or the many faces and insults of Miles.

We know one thing Kate does.:  The snarky response here is “Always runs after Sawyer”.  That would be one easy answer.  This is actually an improvement, as Kate used to simply just run in any given situation (legal, emotional, etc.).  The critical bit here, I think, is Kate’s tearful breakdown after Sawyer revealed his intention was to propose to Juliet.  It was proof that Sawyer HAD moved on, the ring a symbolic nail in the coffin of what they might have had.  We’d always wondered about KATE and her choice.  Turns out that Sawyer had already decided for himself.

Jack is getting better.:  Jack’s been a more even-keeled leader in the past two episodes, but the most significant evidence of his improved mental state was his brief scene with Kate as she went to chase after Sawyer.  Jack’s not mad, and is quite willing to let her go.  Jack’s GROWN.  He knows that the best way to keep peace there is to let Kate go, and knows that it’s also quite likely she could even bring him back.  Rather than argue or have a scene, Jack plays it cool, and is more of the guy we’d like him to be.

Clarie’s Gone Rousseau:  We found out that Counter-Claire was indeed pregnant and off to set up an adoption.  As for Claire-Prime?  She was apparently “infected” like Sayid, and is now all crazy and trap-setting in the jungle.  Clearly, that’s for another episode, but hey, it answers “Where’s Claire?”.

Ethan  Goodspeed, OB/GYN:  Knowing that the Counter-Island was sunk didn’t prepare us for this: a well adjusted Ethan, working a straight job on the mainland.  That suggests all kinds of things about Dharma, and answers, in part, did the Others go down with the island?  Answer:  Not all of them; some of them, at least, had normal lives in the States.  We think.

Five Questions

Was that OUR Desmond on the plane?:  A question raised by a couple of friends of mine: was the Desmond on the plane on the altered timeline in fact our Des?  You’ll recall that Desmond spent some considerable time ping-ponging about through time itself.  You’ll also recall that Mrs. Hawking told him that the island wasn’t done with him yet.  Was there-and-gone Des OUR Des on a new mission?

Did Kate’s crime change on the flipside>:  And if it did, does it ultimately matter?  There were vague references to it; how does it impact her story and “our Kate’s” story?

Dogen himself:  Dogen is a whole batch of questions.  Already, he’s lied to Sayid, he’s given two different explanations for why he doesn’t favor English, and the only thing that he’s up-front about is being circumspect.  However, he DID save Jack (more on that in a minute).  At minimum, Dogen appears to be master of the temple.  Where would that put him in the hierarchy of Others (Ben/Locke, Richard, Widmore, etc.), and for how long has he been in it?

Infected?:  Dogen declared that Sayid was infected, and was ready to poison him.  Apparently, Crazy Claire is infected too.  Does being infected mean that you run crazy in the jungle, or does it have a deeper connotation?  Does it go back to the Madness of the French and the inoculations that Desmond had to take? Is that finally going to reconcile with other bits of mythology?

How important is our cast?:  Not just to us.  It’s clear that they’re on Jacob’s cool list.  But Dogen went into sheer panic mode when he saved Jack from the poison capsule.  I don’t think that was out of any love for the good doctor; I think that he knows that they’re all hosed if Jack dies.  Why?  Well hey, that’s a question, too.

All right, campers.  Did those answers satisfy you this week?  How about the questions?  What are YOUR questions?  Talk, my friends!  But only if you are not zombies.

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