Bedard Joins the GREEN LANTERN CORPS, New Book Launching


After yesterday's teaser that implies Aquaman's return to the land of the living as part of Brightest Day, DCU Blog The Source is back with more news today. Tony Bedard will be taking over as new writer of Green Lantern Corps beginning in May 2010.

The writer takes over for Peter Tomasi, who has steered the book for the last couple years. Bedard said of the new gig,

“This is far and away the most exciting gig of my career. When they called to offer me the job and Geoff literally said, ‘Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps’ I felt like I’d put on a power ring. Now I just have to play up to Pete Tomasi’s impossibly high standards–!“

The book will star Kyle Rayner,  John Stewart, and "Green Lantern Ganthet." Apparently his temporary switch from Guardian to Lantern will be not-so-temporary. Adrian Syaf (Blackest Night: Batman, Phantom Stranger) will draw the first arc of the book's new direction.

Peter Tomasi won't be leaving the Corps behind just yet. In addition to co-writing Brightest Day with Geoff Johns, Tomasi will be launching  Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, a book starring Guy Gardner, and featuring Kilowog "frequently." Fernando Pasarin joins Tomasi as artist, and the Source promises news on current Corps artist Patrick Gleason's next gig soon.

Earlier Friday, it was also announced that the first issue of the bi-weekly at DC this year, Justice League: Generation Lost will have art by Aaron Lopresti, though no word on if he'll be doing more than just the first issue.

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