STEVE ORLANDO Grapples with Creator-Owned Queer MMA Title

Kill a Man
Credit: Alec Morgan (AfterShock Comics)

Steve Orlando, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and Alec Morgan are working on an creator-owned MMA title for AfterShock Comics called Kill a Man. Scheduled to debut in summer 2020, this OGN follows a second-generation MMA fighter who ends up being trained by the man who killed his father in the ring.

"Kill a Man is a story I've wanted to tell since I broke into comics, to capture both the complicated internal and external struggle between identity, family expectation, society, and masculinity," Orlando said in a statement. "To put our lead through hell, admittedly one of his own making at times, and finally let him be the hero, let a queer man, a queer fighter, go on that hero's journey made famous by Rocky Balboa or Adonis Creed, and come out the side stronger, find family where he had none, and pride where he had shame."

Here is the solicitation for the OGN. 

Writers: Steve Orlando & Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Alec Morgan
Colorist: Alec Morgan
Letterer: Jim Campbell
In the early days of Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxer icon DJ Bellyi slurs a queer opponent in the ring, and is beaten to death while his young son James watches in horror from the stands.
Sixteen years later, young James Bellyi has become an MMA star in his own right, with top-tier endorsements and an imminent title shot. But when James is outed as gay by an opponent in a press conference, he loses everything: his title shot, his fans, his team, even his family. To fight his way back, he turns to the only one left in the world willing to train him: Xavier Mayne, the man who killed his father.

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