Amazon's PAPER GIRLS Recruiting Writers Room

"Paper Girls #1" cover by Cliff Chiang
Credit: Cliff Chiang (Image Comics)
Dev Patel
Dev Patel
Credit: Tinseltown /

Amazon are currently staffing up a writing room for the upcoming live-action Paper Girls series, according to co-creator Brian K. Vaughan. Vaughan and co-creator Cliff Chiang spoke about the series during the Paper Girls panel at New York Comic Con.

Vaughan, who is a producer on the show, says that showrunner Stephany Folsom (Toy Story 4) is writing the pilot "as we speak".

Credit: Cliff Chiang/Matthew Wilson (Image Comics)

"The story will have to change for TV, but we're going to keep the heart of the comic," Vaughan said.

When talk came to dream casting choices, Chiang said he would like Dev Patel to play Grandfather. For the four leads, Vaughan would like Amazon to hire "complete unknowns".

Amazon has not set a release date for Paper Girls.

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