WOLVERINE Returns with DAWN OF X Solo Ongoing

Wolverine #1
Credit: Adam Kubert (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Adam Kubert (Marvel Comics)

Spinning out of the pages of Jonathan Hickman's massive X-Men plans, a new Wolverine title is launching in early 2020. Announced during Saturday's "X-Men: Dawn of X" panel at New York Comic Con, this 2020 Wolverine title will be Logan's first ongoing in five years.

X-Force writer Benjamin Percy will be helming the new Wolverine title, picking up from his previous work writing both seasons of Stitcher's Wolverine podcast drama.

Drawing Wolverine will be the rotating team of Adam Kubert and and Victor Bogdonavic.

"I couldn't be more eager to put my own slash mark on this legacy character joined by Adam Kubert," said Percy during the panel.

“We all have that character. The one we love more than any other. The one we treasure in books and movies and maybe memorialize with a T-shirt or tattoo. The one we relate to as a cracked-mirror version of ourselves," Percy added in a subsequent statement. "For me - as a growly, grumpy, hairy, smelly, muscled, flannel-clad, whiskey-swilling loner who lives in the woods of the frozen north - it's Logan. And though this might sound corny, it also feels right to say that writing Wolverine is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy realized. No kidding, bub.”

Kubert has been drawing Wolverine off and on for 26 years, from drawing a portion of Larry Hama's epic Wolverine run in the early 1990s to drawing Wolverine: Weapon X, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, and Origin II. That would be in addition to drawing Wolverine during his various runs on X-Men titles.

For Bogdonavic, Wolverine will be the artist's first major Marvel work since jumping over from DC earlier in the year. Over at DC, Bogdonavic is best known for his run on Action Comics with Dan Jurgens.

Wolverine #1 will debut in February 2020 with a cover from Kubert, seen here.

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