DC's AMETHYST Returns With New 2020 Title by AMY REEDER

Credit: Amy Reeder (DC)
Credit: Amy Reeder (DC)
Credit: Amy Reeder (DC)

Amy Reeder will launch an ongoing Amethyst title under DC's Wonder Comics banner. Announced during the DC Wonder Comics panel at New York Comic Con, Reeder's Amethyst series is scheduled to begin this February.

During the panel, Reeder said she was working on a creator-owned book but the opportunity to work on Amethyst - and the creative freedom Brian Michael Bendis and DC offered - led her to postpone that book to work on this.

"It's a lot of world building, a lot of gorgeous landscapes and psychedelic fever dream stuff," said Reeder. "It's really fun... I don't know. I think I'm doing a good job!"

Amy continues, "With the original Amethyst story, which I love, she spends a lot of time talking to the other royals. Not as much in this one. She's going to be among the people."

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