Check Out These Iconic Images from Marvel's Upcoming STAR WARS Relaunch

Star Wars #1 2020
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics will relaunch their monthly Star Wars series in January when the series transitions from its timeline between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back to a timeline between Empire and The Return of the Jedi. But apparently the new series will push a little into Empire before telling brand new stories. 

Shortly after Marvel's official announcement, David Macho, the agent for artist Jesús Saiz, tweeted out the following pages from the first issue which show some of the film series' most iconic moments in the final minutes of Empire,

"So, you’re asking if the 'starts right at the end of The Empire Strikes Back' is just a figure of speech, nope! Here’s #JesusSaiz ’s first pages for issue 1 of the new #StarWars ongoing series from @Marvel launching in January, written by @CharlesSoule with edits by @MarkPaniccia," tweeted Macho. 

Check them out. 

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