DC History Official Timeline Details

Crisis on Infinite Earths #1
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1
Credit: DC Comics

More details of DC's comprehensive timeline of his history have been reported by The Hollywood Reporter - including the four eras into which DC is apparently grouping its history.

The four eras are "Dawn of the Heroic Age" - which kicks off with Wonder Woman's arrival from Themiscyra; "The Space Age," which is marked by the arrival of Superman; "The Age of Crisis" which runs from Crisis on Infinite Earths through Flashpoint; and finally the "Flashpoint" era, which runs from the post-Flashpoint DC Universe and the "New 52" through today.

It's unclear when or where DC's timeline will debut - and also if or how it may rewrite DC continuity.

During DC's DC Nation panel at New York Comic Con, DC Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio spoke about the process of crafting the timeline, with Lee saying “There’s a lot of interesting implications that this timeline sets up. If this character came around back then, then what does that mean?”

Timelines that fit together cohesively seems to be a current preoccupation of DC. Brian Bendis' current Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium limited series attempts to pull many of DC 'future' timelines - like the Batman Beyond, Booster Gold, Kamandi and Legion timelines - into a streamlined linear track. 

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