SPACE CABBIE, AMBUSH BUG, More Get Their Moment to Shine in New DC Mixed Media Anthology BIZARROTV

Superman & Space Cabbie
Superman & Space Cabbie
Credit: DC

DC Universe, Blue Ribbon Content and Warner Bros. Television's digital production group are developing a new mixed media/animated anthology show to premiere in 2020 titled BizarroTV which is aimed to be a deep dive into lesser-known DC characters.

According to the official announcement this new show demonstrates "the Television Group’s commitment to create original and compelling programs for the digital marketplace. Blue Ribbon taps into the Studio’s established creative team, while also identifying new and innovative talent to deliver cutting-edge series in the short form format. A showcase of experimental styles and creative voices and visions that will be a mix of live action and animation; deep cuts from the DC portfolio of characters such as Space Cabbie, Ambush Bug, Slam Bradley and the Creeper!"

Credit: Kat Calamia (Newsarama)

Veteran DC animation director/producer James Tucker is working on a noir serial for BizarroTV as well.

Look for more details on BizarroTV in the coming months.

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