DEADPOOL Gets "Tricky" in the Heroic Age This May

DEADPOOL Gets "Tricky" in Heroic Age

It's been a long time coming, but the Marvel Universe is making a heroic turn, with a new Heroic Age. Of course, Deadpool isn't going to take that lying down.

He's tried being a hero. He's worked with the X-Men. (Y'know. Or maybe he made their lives miserable. Hard to tell.) He's taken on the Dark Avengers -- even Bullseye! (Okay, maybe he just paid him off to pretend he was dead. Whatevs.) He did fight Tiger Shark, that one time. But when the heroes step up, that's when things get "Tricky," the upcoming arc by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi which starts with the dawning of Heroic Age in May 2010. Newsarama caught up with Way to get a few hints as to what might be coming for the slightly-heroic, always off-center Mister Wilson.

Newsarama: Calling this storyline "Tricky" seems appropriate -- how do you guys end up managing an anti-hero like Deadpool in a status quo like the Heroic Age?

Daniel Way: It’s gonna drive Deadpool nuts. Uh, more nuts. The way he sees it, everyone’s jumping on his bandwagon because he’s been on this hero kick for a few months now. He was determined to re-invent himself as a hero before because he wanted to try something new. Now, there’s a new line in his agenda: Smack down all Johnny-come-latelys.

Nrama: Since the solicits for this book seem so... mysterious... could you fill us in a little bit on what Deadpool might be up to -- and who he might be throwing down with -- in this arc?

Way: With all of the big surprises on the way in the Marvel U, it’s difficult to reveal much about this story at this time. Tricky, even.

Nrama: In the past few issues, you two have toyed with the idea of Deadpool being a hero -- in his own mind, if not in the actual real world. Will you be playing that balance between "knight in shining armor" and "Bugs Bunny with Guns"? And will Wade be getting any attention of the Avengers variety?

Way: That balance is the key to making the character engaging and entertaining so yes, definitely. And it’s funny you should mention the Avengers…

Nrama: By the way, since we were on the subject of antagonists and the like - where have you been pulling out all these weird bad guys? White Lightnin'? Tiger Shark? Hitman Monkey?

Way: Well, with our “good” guy being as weird as he is, it just seemed natural to go with antagonists who are decidedly left-of-center.

Nrama: This isn't the first time you two have worked together on the Merc with a Mouth. What's been the back-and-forth between the two of you? What sort of strengths do you feel each of you brings to a project like this? And how do you feel the other one has been growing in terms of his output?

Way: Carlo brings the kinetic energy on the visual side, complementing what I do with the rapid-fire narration and dialogue. From Day 1, I knew that it was paramount to not only talk about how insane Deadpool is, but to show it.

Nrama: During your tenure with the character, have there been moments that you've just surprised or blown away with how the book turned out?

Way: Every issue. Every time.

Nrama: And something else for you, Dan -- with so many Deadpool books out nowadays, and with you tackling the character the longest out of the bunch, how do you keep things fresh? How do you approach a book like this differently than, say, Dark Wolverine?

Way: I wouldn’t say that one is more predictable than the other—as a matter of fact, Daken may be even more unstable than Deadpool. Where my approach to the two books differs is that Dark Wolverine is very story-oriented, whereas Deadpool is all about plot. Since it’s basically equal parts action and comedy, it’s all about timing.

Nrama: For those who are still on the fence about this book, are there any teases or moments in "Tricky" you're excited to see that you could tell us about?

Way: I can’t give you any specifics without giving too much away, but I can tell you that, after this story arc, the heroes of the Marvel U will be seriously reconsidering their chosen paths.

Nrama: And to wrap up, we should ask, since it's the new in-joke at Marvel -- do you think Deadpool is overexposed? And what do you think his reaction would be to getting a question like that?

Way: He’d probably check his fly. More on the HEROIC AGE:

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