Turns out TOM HOLLAND Was Drunk When He Saved SPIDER-MAN

Spider-Man: Far From Home
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Updated December 5, 2019: Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has shed some more light on his role in bridging the gap between Sony and Marvel and ensuring a third MCU Spider-Man film, confessing that he was drunk when his now-legendary phone call with Disney CEO Bob Iger occurred.

"I wouldn't say it entirely my doing," Holland said of the deal for Spider-Man to remain in the MCU. "We were at [D23 Expo] and the news had come out, and I was devastated. All my Marvel friends were there taking Marvel pictures and I was not allowed to be in them, it was awful."

"I asked if I could get [Bob Iger's] email just so I could say thank you," Holland explained. "He responded very quickly saying, 'I'd love to jump on the phone with you at some point...Two or three days later my family and I are at the pub. I'm like three pints in, I haven't eaten much and I get a phone call from an unknown number. And I'm like 'I think this is Bob Iger, but I'm drunk'."

"I basically said 'Thank you for the opportunity,' and he said 'There is a world in which we can make this work.' Then there were a bunch of phone calls back and forth with [Sony's Tom Rothman] in the process."

Holland also confessed he did cry on the phone, as Iger previously stated. "I wept...I was really emotional. The future of Spider-Man was really bright, but it would have been a shame to take him out of the MCU."

Here's the full clip:

Updated October 4, 2019: Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed a report crediting Spider-Man actor Tom Holland for bridging the gap between Disney and Sony over Spidey's film rights, leading the two media companies to come to an agreement allowing Spider-Man to appear in two more Marvel Studios films.

“We had an event called D-23 ... and Tom [Holland] was there because he’s a voice in a new Pixar movie called Onward. He said something onstage and it was clear that the fans wanted Tom back as Spider-Man, made by our Marvel production team.” Iger said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, explaining that Holland reqested his personal contact info, leading Iger to agree to a conversation. “It was clear that he cared so much. He’s a great Spider-Man. I felt for him and it was clear that the fans wanted all of this to happen.”

"He cried on the phone," joked Iger. "He's a great Spider-Man, isn't he?"

After his conversation with Holland, Iger says he eventually contacted the head of Sony.

“I called the head of Sony and I said, 'We've gotta get this done, for Tom and for the fans,” Iger said. "Sometimes companies, when they are negotiating ... they forget that there are other folks out there that actually matter.”

"There's a whole Parker family out there to consider."

Here's the clip, with the Spider-Man portion starting around the 7:28 mark:

Original Story: Spider-Man actor Tom Holland may be the one to thank for Disney and Sony reaching an agreement in sharing Spidey's film rights for at least two more films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR cites an unnamed source who said that, as of August 20, negotiations between Disney and Sony on how to use Spider-Man were "dead" - until Holland made personal appeals to Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony Pictures Chairman Tim Rothman to find a way to let Peter Parker remain in the MCU.

The unnamed source says Holland's outreach began at Disney's D23 expo, just days after the split between Sony and Disney was made public. The split, which would have kept Spider-Man out of MCU continuity, came down to money, with Disney demanding a share of profits of Spider-Man's Marvel Studios films. The final agreement includes Disney sharing in both production costs and profits.

On September 27, Disney and Sony announced Spider-Man would return for a third MCU sequel following this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home, and one more MCU appearance (for now) in a film yet to be named.

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