Some New York City JOKER Screenings Will Have Increased Police Presence - Report

Credit: Warner Bros.

Some screenings of Warner Bros.' controversial Joker film will have an increased presence from the New York City Police Department, TMZ reports.

Citing an unnamed "police source," TMZ does not specify which screenings will have more police security. TMZ also reports that no credible threat of violence against any Joker screening has been noted by police officials, even from their source.

Joker has courted controversy by depicting a mentally ill man driven to terrorist violence by his perceived rejection from society. Some surviving family members of victims of 2012's mass shooting at an Aurora, Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises have expressed concern over the film's violent content.

Texas-based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has announced plans  to implement increased security measures for opening weekend screenings, while another Texas chain, Landmark Cinemas, will band face paint and masks from showings of the film. 

The city of Los Angeles announced increased police presence at theaters for Joker's opening weekend

Joker is due out in theaters this Friday, October 4. This weekend also marks New York Comic Con, which takes place in the city's Javits Center from October 3 through 6.

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