Spider-Verse #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Miles Morales is being pulled back into the Spider-Verse this week with the launch of the new five-issue Spider-Verse title from Marvel Comics.

Writer Jed MacKay, who cut his teeth as a comics writer in previous Spider-Verse titles, is back to kick off this universe-hopping title that will feature a different artist for each universe - and different writers along the way as well.

Fans might be wondering how Miles is back in the Spider-Verse after the Web of Life and Destiny were destroyed in the Spider-Geddon finale.

While MacKay is mum on how Miles is getting back into it, he does talk to Newsarama about what gets this Spider-Man headed that way - and also how the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has inspired this series and Marvel's Spider-Man creators as a whole.

Newsarama: Jed, this seems like fan fiction come to life - this is the story fans have been wanting to see since Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hit theaters. How'd you get looped in to do this?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Jed MacKay: The Arachnid Multiverse in my Marvel blood - my second story for Marvel appeared in the first Spider-Verse event, and the first full issue I ever wrote was Spider-Geddon #0. When eitor Nick Lowe was putting together another mini to explore the Spider-Verse and asked if I’d like to help put it together, I was happy to sling back into the Web of Life and Destiny!

Nrama: Can you get us up to speed on this story before the first issue comes out?

MacKay: Well, when we last left our Spiders at the end of Spider-Geddon, the Web of Life and Destiny had been destroyed, which meant that the Spiders could no longer go hopping around the multiverse. Everyone is tucked up back in their own home worlds.

However, if that’s the case, why is Miles Morales hearing a voice coming from another world, calling out to him for help?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: How inspired are you by the Spider-Verse movie in this comic?

MacKay: Into the Spider-Verse had an incredible energy, a verve that was incredibly infectious and that I’ve tried to channel. The dynamic of the film is overturned a bit here, as Miles (ready or not) is forced to step into the role of the experienced hero - a new character at the centre of things needs his help, and has drawn him into the adventures to come.

Nrama: This is skipping through the Marvel multiverse - can you tease where, when or who we might see in this?

MacKay: The series is a real tour- in #1 alone we go from Earth-616 to five other worlds, each rendered by a different artist! We check in with some old friends, and meet some new ones - as well as being introduced to some Spider-Sonas from artists all around the world. It’s going to be an absolute clutter of spiders! In the series, we’re stopping in to see May Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Ma’am, and in issue #3 Miles teams up with Peni Parker, aka SP//DR!

Nrama: But the base in all of this is Miles Morales, who's getting it on both sides right now with Absolute Carnage and  Ultimatum. Where's Miles head at in this story?

MacKay: Poor Miles, Spider-Verse #1 sees him getting bushwacked, press-ganged into another multiversal adventure in the midst of his usual adventures. Whether he’s ready or not, he’s in it. He’s a little caught off-guard, a little confused, but he wouldn’t be Spider-Man if things went his way now, would he?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: I see you're (only) set for #1 so far, but would you be up to doing more with this Spider-Verse Miles Morales?

Credit: Marvel Comics

MacKay: I’ll be getting my hand in over the course of the series - as an anthology series, not unlike the Edge of Spider-Verse and Edge of Spider-Geddon series, issues #2 through #5 will be stories featuring Miles teaming up with Spiders from across the Multiverse.

Nrama: As someone writing for Marvel for awhile now, can you explain how Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film and its creativity rippled through the creator community?

Credit: Marvel Comics

MacKay: I think that Into the Spider-Verse was perhaps the purest translation of superhero comics to a video medium. In any film or animation, you gain things, things that can’t be done in the medium of comics, but at the same time things are lost. That’s part and parcel in adaptation, that’s the way it works.

But in my opinion, never has an adaptation of Western comics, particularly Marvel comics, been so lossless as Into the Spider-Verse, and that’s what I think makes it so rightfully lauded in the comics community.

Nrama: Bringing this back full circle then, big picture - what are your goals with Spider-Verse #1?

MacKay: To excite people! Having a multiverse to traipse through means we can do anything, and we’ve tried to toss a fistful of neat stuff at you all. I hope you’ll join us on this new adventure!

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