TONY STARK is Dead, Long Live IRON MAN 2020

Iron Man 2020 teaser
Credit: Inhhyuk Lee (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Inhhyuk Lee (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man 2020 is coming back to comic books in - when else? - 2020, as heralded by a Marvel Comics teaser released via ComicBook.

The teaser, with art from Inhyuk Lee, shows a version of Iron Man 2020 standing over Tony Stark's grave - with a human hand bursting out of the ground. The solicitation for December's Tony Stark: Iron Man #19 teased Tony's "death" saying "What if there is no Tony Stark? What if there is only the Iron Man?" heralding a "new Iron Age" in 2020. That issue also marks the series' end.

In September's Tony Stark: Iron Man #16, Tony was seemingly fused with his armor thanks to Ultron. 

The original Iron Man 2020 debuted as an adversary of Machine Man in the future as Arno Stark, the corrupt ancestor of Tony Stark. In current continuity, Arno Stark is Tony's adopted brother (Tony being the adopted son of Howard and Maria Stark). It's unclear if the Iron Man 2020 seen here will be a version of Arno Stark, or a different character.

No details on what's being teased specifically have been revealed. Whatever it is may become clear when Marvel Comics' January 2020 solicitations are released later this month.

Also due later this month is a free release for Halloween Comicfest titled Road to Iron Man 2020, which appears to be a reprint of previous material from Tony Stark: Iron Man.

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