DC Goes Monstrous with WE FOUND A MONSTER

We Found a Monster
Credit: Kirk Scroggs (DC)

Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid writer/artist Kirk Scroggs is working on a thematic sequel to the just-released OGN for DC. First reported by the Los Angeles Times, We Found a Monster is another journal-style Young Adult graphic novel.

"This time we’re going full monster," said Scroggs.

We Found a Monster follows a "nerdy, creative kid" named Kacie and a classmate named Zandra, "whose head is permanently in the clouds."

"One day they’re exploring town and they discover this monster that has washed up under the pier," Scroggs said. "It’s gigantic, furry, it’s got horns, it’s got tusks, it’s bright purple - and they realize this monster needs their help."

While those three characters are are apparently new, original characters, Scroggs said We Found a Monster will have "monsters from the DC Universe."

We Found a Monster is aiming towards a fall 2021 release.

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