DC's WAR OF THE SUPERMEN A 100 Minute War, All in May


This evening on DCU Blog The Source, DC announced that their coming event, War of the Supermen will be four issues long. Each issue will tell 25 minutes of story, adding up to a 100-minute War. The clash of 100,000 Kryptonians and all of Earth's forces will be a quick one, over in less than two hours. All four issues will hit comic shops in May 2010, making this a quick event comic both in-story and in-readers'-hands. The whole Super-family will be involved, from Superboy to Steel to Supergirl, but DC isn't divulging which side they'll each be on just yet.

The series will follow War of the Supermen #0, the Free Comic Book Day 2010 offering from DC Comics, which serves as a final countdown to war. Until then, glean what you can about the miniseries by checking out the Eddy Barrows covers in the gallery to the right. Control-click (Command-click on Mac) to open the covers full size in a new tab.

War of the Supermen 0-4, written by James Robinson and Sterling Gates, will all ship May, 2010.

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