JOKER Controversy Prompts Increased Security at ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE Screenings

Credit: Warner Bros.

Premium theater chain Alamo Drafthouse will employ increased security at opening weekend screenings of Warner Bros. upcoming Joker film, according to a statement from Alamo Drafthouse published by Entertainment Weekly.

The film, in theaters October 4, portrays the DC villain as a mentally ill man who resorts to violent terrorism when he feels shunned by society. 

Here's Alamo's reported statement in full:

“There have been some guest inquiries surrounding next week’s Joker screenings, and what we’re doing as a company to ensure staff and guest safety, which is at all times our primary concern. We engage with local law enforcement on an ongoing basis about security at our theaters, and while we’re unaware of any specific threat or concern, we will have additional security personnel present at each location for opening weekend for the comfort of our staff and guests. Additionally, cosplaying will be allowed, however, guests in costume are always subject to search at the discretion of theater staff at any time, and may be asked to leave for any reason.”

Some locations of another theater chain, Landmark Cinemas, have banned masks and facepaint from their Joker screenings, according to CBS 21 DFW News.

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