Tom Lyle in Coma Following Aneurysm

Spider-Man and Venom by Tom Lyle
Credit: Tom Lyle (Marvel Comics)
Tom Lyle
Tom Lyle
Credit: Savannah College of Art & Design

Artist and Savannah College of Art & Design professor Tom Lyle is in a medically induced coma following an aneurysm, according to a Facebook post from Lyle's colleague, Phillip Sevy.

Lyle is known for drawing three Robin limited series alongside writer Chuck Dixon as well as co-creating Stephanie Brown/Spoiler for DC, and for designing Scarlet Spider's hoodie and tights costume for Marvel Comics. In recent years, Lyle has served as a professor and Internship Coordinator at SCAD.

According to Sevy, Lyle will undergo surgery on Wednesday to remove the bloodclot. 

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