GLOW's AWESOME KONG Joins AEW/DC Collaboration

Awesome Kong
Credit: Robson Rocha (DC/AEW)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-FI (DC)

Days ahead of their TV debut, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) have begun teasing a partnership with DC. This team-up was launched with a Howard Porter/Hi-Fi illustration of the AEW champion Chris Jericho, followed by a Jon Moxley illustration by Ramon Villalobos.

A third image featuring Awesome Kong (a real pro-wrestler who also plays fictional wrestler Tammé "The Welfare Queen" Dawson on Netflix's GLOW) has also joined the line-up courtesy of artist Robson Rocha.

Credit: Ramon Villalobos (DC)
Credit: Robson Rocha (DC/AEW)

Last Saturday on Batman Day, AEW co-founder/Executive VP Cody Rhoes tweeted that Batman was "All Elite."

AEW will debut October 2 on TNT, which is part of the WarnerMedia conglomerate - which also includes DC.

Jericho will become one of the first wrestlers to appear in comic books for four separate wrestling promotions - CMLL (who self-published), WCW (who had a licensed comic through Marvel), WWE (who currently publishes with BOOM!), and now AEW (who has a partnership with DC).

Look for more details in the coming weeks about the AEW/DC partnership.

Editor's Note: This article was updated to add the second and third released images.

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