THOMAS KINKADE STUDIOS Paints the DC Universe (Yes, You Read That Right)

Thomas Kinkade Studios
Credit: Thomas Kinkade Studios

There are several notable painters working in comics painting DC heroes, but this year is the beginning of a surprising new partnership - DC and Thomas Kinkade Studios.

The studio of the late pastoral painter has partnered with DC to do a series of three paintings depicting DC heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, and more.

Credit: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Although Kinkade himself died in 2012, artists he trained continue on - working under the unified brand name of Thomas Kinkade Studios.

"During his lifetime, Kinkade actively sought out talented artists who he believed would be able to carry on his vision, training these artists to paint in his hallmark, Kinkadian style," explains its agency, Park West. "Each of these works is a collaborative effort—between those who worked directly with Kinkade and those inspired by his art - all released under the Kinkade Studios brand, which is why you’ll find the Kinkade Studios signature rather than the signature of any one artist."

Credit: Thomas Kinkade Studios


Park West plans to sell these as limited edition giclee prints, posters, and puzzles.

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