RYAN OTTLEY Revels in 'Flippy Gooeyness' of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Tie-In Issues

Amazing Spider-Man #31
Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Absolute Carnage brought its lead villain back in a big way - and now Carnage is taking the fight directly to Spider-Man in his main solo title.

This week's Amazing Spider-Man #30 kicks off a two-part Absolute Carnage tie-in story, with Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley hosting Carnage to their book as Kletus Casaday's cult comes after Norman Osborn over the time he was posssessed by a symbiote as the Red Goblin.

As evidenced in the main Absolute Carnage limited series, one of the most engaging parts of this type of event is having Marvel's artists drw the goopy, inky symbiotes - and for Ryan Ottley, he was practically born for it.

Newsarama spoke with Ottley about this two-part arc with the symbiotes, taking stock of what he and Spencer have done so far with Amazing Spider-Man.

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Ryan, Amazing Spider-Man #30 and #31 have you and Nick going deep into the Absolute Carnage event - and you seem tailor-made for symbiote action. How's this two-part arc been for you?

Ryan Ottley: So far it’s my favorite arc to work on, huge fan of drawing all things Carnage, the flippy gooeyness of a symbiote is always enjoyable to visualize.

And that versus the clean line of the Spidey costume is such a great contrast, I hope readers feel the energy we are pushing in this arc because it’s sure been a blast for us.

And Kindred is such a dark nasty dude also, lots of great emotion to play with in some of these scenes. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve done!

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: This is running in tandem with Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's main Absolute Carnage title.

Have you had a chance to see those issues? If so, what do you think?

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Ottley: Cates and Stegman are doing a great job on their arc, I’m absolutely loving what they are creating right now.

And yes, I see the issues before they go to print to allow us artists to try to be somewhat consistent with the visuals so we aren’t designing something that’s already been designed.

Nrama: As I said,  you seem built to draw blood-red symbiotes and all their mucky splatter. Any unique challenges with all of that?

Ottley: The hardest challenge is to try to keep it appropriate for the Amazing Spider-Man audience.

The power that a character like Carnage exudes makes me want to go all out and really push some boundaries, but I feel I’ve figured out ways to still have my cake and eat it too. There are some killer scenes I got to choreograph and play out, makes me wish it was more than a two-issue arc!

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: This is as good as time as any to take stock of your Amazing Spider-Man run so far. How do you feel about the work you and Nick have done so far?

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Ottley: Definitely happy with the work we’ve done. The entire team is great, always excited to get new fresh inks in from the master that is Cliff Rathburn, and the killer colors of Nathan Fairbairn, always good to have other people make me look the best I can!

Nrama: Your work here is being seen by more people than ever - have you noticed a change in who approaches you online and at cons?

Ottley: Oh of course! Spider-Man has an enormous fan base, I’ve talked with a lot of Spider-Man readers that tell me at comic conventions that they look up my past work and are gobbling up Invincible’s run, which is super cool. Means a lot that they’d like my work enough to see what I’ve been doing for the last decade-plus before Spider-Man.

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: So what do you think about being a Marvel creator after so many years with Image?

Ottley: There’s pros and cons with both, but overall I’m glad I was offered the gig. It’s been a blast putting my stamp on the character that got me into comics.

Credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Not to say your Amazing Spider-Man run is coming to a close, but are there other Marvel books you'd like to work on?

Ottley: Oh man, yeah I wouldn't mind playing with lots of characters in the Marvel Universe, off the top of my head I wouldn’t mind Deathlok, Adam Warlock, Wolverine, Hulk, Galactus, etc. But yeah Marvel has a huge sandbox full of toys that are fun to play with. Maybe I’ll get a chance down the road to play in other areas!

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