Name Millar's NEMESIS, Help a School

After successfully naming the hero cop for his upcoming creator-owned series Nemesis via online auction (Blake Morrow was the winner), Mark Millar has begun a second auction. This time, readers are bidding to name the villainous title character of the series.

The auction, like the first one, will have 100% of the proceeds donated to a school for handicapped children that Millar's brother teaches at. They're in need of a new bus, and Millar thought this would be a good way to facilitate that.

More information on the auctions can be found on Millar's forums.

The auction, which ends at night on Thursday Feb 11, 2010, can be found at this link. There are at press time 27 bids at a going rate of $4650. The first character name sold for around $8500.

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