Shelly Bond's BLACK CROWN Imprint at IDW Closes

Black Crown
Credit: Black Crown
Credit: Black Crown

Shelly Bond's Black Crown imprint at IDW Publishing has closed. This decision comes after its most-recent series Marilyn Manor was canceled after the first issue, and several other titles were pushed back on IDW's publishing schedule.

"Major thanks to [IDW Chief Creative Officer] Chris Ryall and everyone at IDW who gave us an incredible opportunity to produce such vivid, original stories," Bond told Newsarama (Also supplying the photo at right). "Philip and I are extremely proud of the nine series and killer creative teams who made Black Crown unlike any other curated imprint. Viva comics!"

Announced in April 2017, Black Crown was Bond's new publishing line at IDW following her exit from DC's Vertigo Comics. Over the course of two years, Bond published almost a dozen creator-owned titles, as well as the anthologies Femme Magnifique and Black Crown Quarterly.

Credit: Black Crown

"Working with Shelly Bond on the Black Crown line has been a fantastic experience for everyone involved," read a statement from IDW. "Her trademark enthusiasm and fierce dedication is evident in every captivating page of the Black Crown library, which will remain available to intrepid readers for years to come."

"While the current roster of Black Crown titles have come to a close, we wish Shelly great success on her exciting new ventures like the Hey, Amateur! comics anthology - which IDW will proudly serve as the publisher of its softcover edition."

According to Bond, the final two issues of Eve Stranger and its collected collection will be published in the fall. ,

Newsarama has confirmed that a previously-planned Black Crown signing event October 26 at London's Orbital Comics remains scheduled.

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