BATWOMAN Leads Fall TV Schedule in Awareness and Anticipation

Credit: The CW

CW's Batwoman is leading the pack in audience anticipation and awareness, according to a pair of recent polls reported by Variety.

The Hollywood trade first cites Ipsos' TV Dailies report, which states Batwoman had the most “definite interest in viewing” reactions among thousands 13 and 64 year-old respondants who were surveyed between Aug. 26 and Sept. 15.

Further, Variety cites Parrot Analytics "Demand Espressions" analysis of upcoming fall TV shows, which places Batwoman first among TV shows debuting this fall in viewer anticipation.

“For Batwoman, it’s almost twice in demand as the market average title in the U.S. already,” said Parrot marketing Vice President Samuel Stadler. “This says to us that this is a very strong contender, a release that should go very well… there are so many drama titles out there, if you have a hook against existing IP or audiences are already aware of the universe you’re about to explore, it’s much more likely that series will resonate.”

“We track demand irrespective of whether or not a show is on air,” Stadler continued. “Obviously the demand will increase once we get some trailers into market and once it airs. The value of this is, our partners work out where to deploy their marketing budgets. Because if we can give them a view on which particular show is resonating well with audiences, and how that is different relative to other shows, that allows them to make better decisions in terms of prioritization of effort.”

Batwoman premieres October 6 on CW.

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