'Huge Things' Will Shake Up BATMAN's Supporting Cast in 2020

"Detective Comics #1" cover by Tony Daniel
Credit: Tony Daniel (DC Comics)

Writer James Tynion IV is keeping mum about most of his plans for his just-announced takeover of the Batman solo-title - but he does have "huge things" in store for the Dark Knight that will shake up the cast of the series.

“It’s honestly the chance to build something new and singular and of itself. That’s the real goal here — to build something that’s in conversation with itself, as opposed to being reliant on the last few years, or work that we did five, ten years ago," Tynion told The Hollywood Reporter. "There are always going to be reflections, of course, and there are huge things that are happening this year in Batman that will define who the supporting cast of our book is in 2020. But we’re going to build it in such a way that anyone can pick it up and get something complete. That’s deeply, deeply important to both of us.”

Tynion will take over Batman with January, 2020's Batman #86 alongside artists Tony Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey. His run will coincide with the launch of outgoing Batman writer Tom King's new 12-issue series Batman/Catwoman.

Tynion, who is the protege of former Batman writer Scott Snyder, may also be writing alongside his mentor. Snyder revealed at 2018's San Diego Comic-Con that he was working on a sequel to his and Greg Capullo's Batman event Metal. Snyder later revealed the series would debut in 2020. Capullo announced at this year's Comic-Con that he signed a new exclusive DC contract with the intent to work with Snyder on their "biggest adventure yet." 

"I don’t think you could put me back in Gotham City and not have me play with the Bat-family to some degree, but that is one of the challenges of this book, and one of the things that makes me so excited to write it. I have done so much with the Bat-family, and the entire supporting cast in Gotham City, but the character I have done the least work with, the character I haven’t done a core, emotional narrative with, is Batman," Tynion explained. "I haven’t told a solo Batman story. Readers out there don’t know what a 'James Tynion solo Batman story' is. But I’ve been cooking them up this whole time, and honestly, getting to pull the trigger on all of these great big ideas is the thrill of being in the driving seat of the Batmobile."

Tynion previously had a lengthy run on Detective Comics which focused on a team of Batman supporting characters, with Tim Drake often leading the spotlight.

Batman #89 is due out January 8.

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