Heaven's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be in MISPLACED Preview


What if you made it to paradise but found it well... lacking? A man named James does that in the upcoming four-issue series Misplaced from Source Point Press. Writer/artist Chris Callahan follows this man as he struggles to find a calling after he already has it all. Callahan, a motion artist for TV shows, is making his comic book debut with Misplaced after a life-long love for comics.

"I remember as a kid, wandering into the comic shop, and being transfixed by an issue of Sandman; specifically Dave McKean’s mixed media covers," Callahan said in a statement. "Interest in his work lead me years later to a very satisfying career in TV design. Hard to express what it feels like to come full circle, and have a book on the shelf at the same time as the Sandman Universe."

The first issue is due out November 20, and here is a preview.

(W) Chris Callahan (A) Chris Callahan
From the mind of television graphic designer Chris Callahan comes the first of a 4-issue supernatural mystery miniseries that will leave you questioning the very existence of existence. What if paradise wasn't as it seemed? A tragic journey to the new world... Two souls separated by death... After a fatal shipwreck, James finds himself dissatisfied with the tedious machinations of eternity in the afterlife. A journey to discover the truth of his wife's disappearance reveals a terrible secret even Knowledge can't explain. The Misplaced is a dark supernatural tale of love and desperation that spans several planes of existence.

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