I Can Sell You a Body
Credit: George Kambadais (IDW Publishing)
Ryan Ferrier
Ryan Ferrier
Credit: IDW Publishing

Writer Ryan Ferrier and artist George Kambadais on a new creator-owned title that says (almost) it all in the title: I Can Sell You A Body.

Scheduled to launch this December from IDW Publishing, this four-issue series uncovers a thriving business selling new living bodies to dead souls who want to get back among the living.

"Are you dead? Denny Little can help. This disgraced TV psychic can put your soul in a living body... for a price," reads IDW's description of the book. "A bad day at the office, however, has just put a bounty on his head courtesy of a murdered mafioso, leaving Denny 48 hours to save his own life."

Credit: George Kambadais (IDW Publishing)

This the latest in a string of creator-owned work from Ferrier at IDW, following books like D4VE and Hot Damn.

"I Can Sell You A Body is one of those projects that reaffirms our deep, personal love of the comics medium; this is a wickedly supernatural thriller, a rousing crime caper, and hopeless love story all rolled into one," Ferrier tells Newsarama. " I couldn't be more excited to bring Denny Little's very strange talents and trials to life with my co-creator and illustrator, George Kambadais."

"We're equally thrilled to have the support of IDW, who have nurtured and encouraged creator-owned stories that strive for uniqueness," Ferrier continues. "There won't be a book on the shelf like I Can Sell You A Body, and we'd bet our souls on that (if we had 'em)."

Look for more on I Can Sell You A Body later this month as part of IDW's full December 2019 solicitations.

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