NBCU's New BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Not a Reboot, Will 'Stay True to Spirit Of' 2000s-Era Show

Battlestar Galactica
Credit: Syfy

NBCUniversal's newly-announced Battlestar Galactica won't be a reboot according to executive producer Sam Esmail.

"BSG fans, this will not be a remake of the amazing series Ronald D. Moore launched because... why mess with perfection?" Esmail tweeted. "Instead, we’ll explore a new story within the mythology while staying true to the spirit of Battlestar. So say we all!"

While not outright saying it, Esmail seems to be implying the new show will exist within the same continuity or shared universe of the Moore series. Since the conclusion of Moore's Battlestar Galactica in 2009, two spin-off series - Caprica and Blood & Chrome - were produced.

Esmail is developing the new Battlestar Galactica show for NBCUniversal's just-announced Peacock streaming service, which is scheduled to debut in April 2020.

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