The Visitor
Credit: Amilcar Pinna (Valiant Entertainment)

Veteran DC creator Paul Levitz is coming to the Valiant Universe to revitalize a classic Valiant character alongside artist M.J. Kim - The Visitor.

Credit: Amilcar Pinna (Valiant Entertainment)

As announced via The Hollywood Reporter, the five-issue series puts Valiant's version of New York City in direct danger with the introduction of a brand new version of the Visitor who threatens the future of the Valiant Universe - though he doesn't have any connection to the previous Valiant character to bear the name.

"In and of itself, it's a very specific mystery story, hopefully with some emotional resonance for the characters as they're going on, hopefully, some interesting setups as we explore New York," Levitz told THR. "MJ — whose work I did not know when I started on the project — is just doing such a fabulous job of immersing herself in all that. She's going to each of the locations, taking photographs, digging into it. We're meeting up Monday actually at a location, so if we can prowl round it together and build it — that sense of place is something not a lot of comics do today. And it's a good tool."

"One of the things that I like, on my good days as a writer, is, I like to build good mystery stories," Levitz continued. "Some of the stories that are best remembered of mine were structurally mysteries, whether you're talking about [Legion of Super-Heroes storylines] 'The Great Darkness Saga,' or the Sensor Girl mystery. Structurally, this seems like a really interesting opportunity; the Visitor isn't tied to the Valiant Universe in any of the same ways that the original Visitor series was. It does have a tie, that you really don't need to know in order to enjoy the series. But there are some Easter eggs hidden in it. And ultimately the thing does connect back into the broader universe."

The Visitor #1 is due out in December. Look for Valiant's December 2019 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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