Mozambican Superheroes OS INFORMAIS Launch in 2020

Credit: ANIMA Studios
Credit: ANIMA Studios

Press Release

Os Informais, which directly translated from Portuguese as “The Informals”, is the first independently-produced Mozambican superhero comic book based in the nation’s capital of Maputo by local entrepreneurs ANIMA Studios.

Much like great science fiction of the past, Os Informais takes place in the not so distant future. A future devised of technological advancements, crime-free streets, and the segregation and oppression of working-class citizens: a perfect dystopia. Unbeknownst to the current political establishment, a group of young resourceful vigilantes has banded together to ensure the rights the working man, the street vendor, and beggar alike will no longer be violated; this is the mission of the Informals.

The creative team behind this fantastic series consists of Joao Roxo, the creative director and co-founder of ANIMA Studios; Helio Pene, the illustrator and principal penciller; and a local freelance writer that goes under the pen-name Olivia Imaginario.  With their efforts they’ve created three issues and are in the process of writing two more. Although there is no official release date, the current three-part series as it stands will only be published in early 2020 both locally and abroad through the aid of crowdfunding.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can aid the campaign, please visit the official IndieGoGo page and our official website for more exclusive updates. The Informals universe is approaching sooner than you’d expect, so stay tuned!

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