TONY STARK: IRON MAN Ending in December - Report

Marvel Comics November 2019 covers
Credit: Marvel Comics

Tony Stark: Iron Man will be ending in December, according to ComicBook. Citing unspecified sources, ComicBook reports that Iron Man #18 - originally set to hit shelves November 20 - will be postponed until December and serve as the series' conclusion.

This comes two weeks after series co-writer Jim Zub was replaced by Christos Gage for #17 - despite being solicited to co-write #17 and #18 with Slott. Several days later, Zub tweeted that it was his decision to leave Iron Man.

For several months, Tony Stark: Iron Man has been teasing a story dealing with Iron Man 2020 - and December 2019 is, of course, the last month before 2020.

As of Monday at 6:15 p.m., both Marvel and Diamond Comics Distributors' list #18 as a November 2018 release with Zub still co-writing. Here is the solicitation currently carried by Marvel and Diamond.

Credit: Marvel Comics

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