Marvel Announces SECRET AVENGERS

Update 5 Feb 12: Two in one day? That's right, there's one more tease, and this time it's the bossman. "I lead by example" accompanies the image of a character standing tall in a classic hero pose. The only thing that stands out drastically from the image is some type of strap that can be seen on the character's left wrist, a somewhat billowy looking costume, and something else cropping up on the left shoulder. As usual, post your guesses below! 

Update 4 Feb 12:  This one seems to be a "not so fast, detectives" for us here. As we, and many of you posited yesterday that Iron Man's protege of sorts, War Machine, was in that fourth teaser image, well, then who the heck would this guy be? This 5th teaser for the Secret Avengers lineup comes with "I act upon my convictions regardless of personal consequences." It also shows what looks like a very large, very armored individual. What this teaser really does though, is throw both the fourth and this fifth one for a loop. It's back to the guesses, folks.

Update 3 Feb 11: "I excel through adversity." The character flying through the air is a little less evocative of any single character than yesterday's teaser, but does have certain qualities to the silhouette. The lack of a cape, legs straight out, and imperfect edges to the head could all be clues as to what looks to be a "his" identity. With a certain major motion picture coming this Spring, it wouldn't be a stretch to see that other armored Avenger on a team once more.

Just for fun Update, Feb 11 (with possible spollers): Take a look at some up-close images of the right and left shoulders of the character from the the "I excel through adversity" [click on the thumbnails] image.

Is that a rougher edge on the left shoulder than the right? Pure coincedence and/or artistic imperfection? Or was something on this character's left shoulder altered or cropped for the promo teaser image?

  Your guess is as good as ours...

Update 2 Feb 10: The teasers keep coming, and will surely lead to a wide variety of guesses, just as the previous ones have. So far, we've had guesses from Beast to Scarlet Spider, from The Hood to Moon Knight. With the third tagline of "I am in Control of my life" accompanied by what looks like long hair, breasts, and a cape, this third Secret Avenger could be the actual return of a long-missing female Avenger in need of some redemption of her own.

Update 1 Feb 9: The second teaser for Brubaker and Deodato's team has arrived, and it's just as nebulous as the first, though this time a cape can at least clearly be seen as part of the image. "I Strive for Redemption" is this shadowy image's tagline, which should provide some clue as to the identity of the hidden character.

Original Story Feb 8: Accompanying the Avengers in May 2010 will be a second ongoing, called Secret Avengers. Following last week's roll-out of the first five members of the Avengers book by Brian Bendis and John Romita, Jr. and a second Heroic Age teaser, Marvel has revealed this second book, written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Mike Deodato.

Keeping in the "Secret" theme, however, the first teaser is merely that, a tease. It features a blacked-out character image, with the caption "I focus on the Solution, Not the Problem."

Long-time writer of Captain America, this will be Brubaker's first official step into a full Avengers team. He previously wrote Marvel's other premier team book, Uncanny X-Men, for the publisher. Deodato is no stranger to the franchise, serving as the artist on Dark Avengers with Bendis-penned tales.

There is little doubt that this is the first of many teasers from Marvel on the new book, with more shadows and quotes on the way, similar to the week-long revelation of Captain America, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor as members of Avengers.

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