Upcoming 'Bucket List' MARVEL Title Led JIM ZUB to Quit IRON MAN

Iron Man: Tony Stark #16
Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)
Jim Zub
Jim Zub
Credit: Image Comics

Following news last week that Tony Stark: Iron Man co-writer Jim Zub was leaving the title, the writer has explained why he's left the book - and teases what's to come.

"Hey gang, the word is out with Marvel's revised solicits - I'm no longer co-writing Iron Man. Issue #16 is my last one with Dan Slott and the crew," Zub tweeted. "Another major Marvel project came up, absolute bucket list stuff, and I had to drop something to make it work. My apologies."

Credit: Alexander Lozano (Marvel Comics)

Zub joined series writer Dan Slott on Tony Stark: Iron Man with March 2019's #9. After September 18's #16, Christos Gage will step in as Slott's co-writer.

"Working on the series was a blast, but solo writing a series I've always wanted to tackle had to take priority over co-writing a series already tightly planned out," Zub continued. "Huge thanks to everyone at Stark Unlimited. I hope I get to contribute to the Armored Avenger again down the road."

The writer didn't say what the "bucket list" Marvel title would be, except that it wouldn't be a title edited by Marvel's Executive Editor Tom Brevoort of the Avengers office.

"With Champions wrapping up and my commitment to Iron Man finished, this is my first time without a Tom Brevoort-edited project going since Thunderbolts in May 2016," Zub said. "It feels...weird. Tom, Alanna Smith,  and the Avengers office crew have been so supportive. I owe them, big time."

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