A 'Deadly Alliance' Between XAVIER, MAGNETO, and APOCALYPSE is 'INCOMING'

Marvel 'Deadly Alliance' Incoming
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Another Marvel Comics "Incoming" teaser has landed - this one foreshadowing "A Deadly Alliance" between Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse.

This teaser is also framed by a puzzle piece - and the accompanying text actually calls it out this time, saying "Can you solve the puzzle before the heroes of the Marvel Universe?"

The teaser seemingly ties into the current House of X/Powers of X X-Men relaunch, as the three characters have appeared allied in that series, and Xavier is holding a Krakoa blossom from that story. 

It also implies a direct connection between the four teasers shown so far for the first time - though it's unclear what that is beyond the puzzle motif that has framed three of the four images.

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